Monday, July 22, 2024

Yamaha Bikes Installment plans with Zero Markup, Complete Details!

Pakistani people are currently facing a rocketing inflation rate due to the country’s looming financial crisis. At this stage, Yamaha vehicles offering an installment plan with 0% markup are a blessing.

Living in Pakistan and not knowing Yamaha is impossible. Yamaha bikes hold a special place in terms of quality, reputation, and resale value as compared to other

Due to inflation, currency devaluation, and the inability to open LCS, we saw a price hike on every product tag. This two-wheeler company also increased its prices in recent times to cope with the country’s situation and make their vehicles out of reach.

But to your surprise, we came across the Yamaha installment program, in which anyone can get a new bike on easy installments.

Here’s to the Yamaha Monthly Installment Easy Plan.

Bikes Price (PKR) 50% Down Payment Monthly Installment (PKR)
YB-125Z 356,000 178,000 14,833
YB-125Z DX 381,500 190,750 15,895
YBR-125 391,500 195,750 16,312
YBR-125G (Black/Red) 407,000 203,500 16,958
YBR-125G (Grey/Orange) 410,000 205,000 17,083

This plan will be effective for all the cities in Pakistan. This announcement is surely a perfect solution for both parties, as the buyer will get relief by getting a new bike at an affordable price, and Yamaha will also gain more customers with this marketing strategy and be able to retain their position in the market.

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