Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Yamaha Launches two Electric Bicycles with Top speed of 48km/h

Yamaha has upgraded its electric bicycle lineup with the introduction of the Wabash RT and CrossCore RC. The two models are powered by Yamaha’s latest PWSeries ST mid-drive motor. Both versions have a top speed of 28 miles per hour and are built on robust frames. The Wabash RT is an off-road electric bike, whereas the CrossCore RC is a road-running electric bike.

Yamaha Power and Assist Bicycles is the division responsible for the development of Yamaha electric bikes, and the firm claims that both models embody the brand’s finer principles of developing functional and efficient models.

According to the company, there is a growing demand for electric bicycles as exercise and mobility equipment, and the two e-bikes will be beneficial in a variety of situations.

The PWSeries ST motor has a 500W capacity and four levels of pedal help to attain a top speed of 28mph. Four sensors, one for torque, one for crank cadence, one for wheel speed, and one for bike tilt, work together to continuously calculate and apply the precise amount of power while riding. Both motorcycles are vastly improved over the original 2019 Wabash RT and CrossCore RT models. They also have unique innovations and characteristics that set them apart in their particular ride segments.

According to pricing and availability information, the Wabash RT will cost $4,099, while the CrossCore RC will cost $3,099. The two models will be available in the summer, with a variety of colour possibilities.

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