Saturday, July 20, 2024

You can avail of 40% Off on Domino’s Pizza Using HBL Debit Card

Feeling hungry, low budget but no compromise with food!

Here is the best deal for your favorite restaurant Domino’s Pizza.

Celebrate the Aftar party with friends but do not forget to take an HBL Debit card.

Enjoy the most fabulous discounts available on HBL Debit Card, and get 40% off Domino’s Pizza Using HBL Debit Card.

Terms Related to Offer:

1: Offer only valid on the regular menu.

2: The discounts cannot be combined with any other special offers, discount plans, or coupons that HBL or your alliance partners may establish.

3: The savings cannot be combined with other offers, group discounts, celebrations, or special events.

4: Discounts are available to HBL Cardholders for payments made at alliance partners using their HBL Cards. Regarding cash transactions, this is not relevant.

5: Regarding the goods and services obtained from the aforementioned partners, HBL disclaims all obligations and responsibilities.

6: HBL has the right to end, withdraw, or modify the terms of any discount offer without prior warning or explanation.

7: The correctness of the brand offers indicated under partnerships is not guaranteed by HBL. Please consult the website or physical location of the relevant alliance partner for the most recent brand offers.

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