Saturday, December 2, 2023

You Can Now Get UAE Tourist Visa Using a Messaging App

In order to streamline the visa application process, BOTIM, a free VOIP and instant messaging programme, has introduced a new function in partnership with Using BOTIM, visitors may now apply for a UAE visa online. Prices start at Dh450.

The contract was signed by Sachin Godoya, co-founder and CEO of, and Abdallah Abu Sheikh, CEO of BOTIM and co-founder of Astra Tech, the parent business of BOTIM, according to the specifics.

By supplying the necessary information and documentation, travellers will be able to apply for a UAE visa online using the messaging programme using BOTIM’s new function.

Moreover, tourists from India, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Egypt who have a significant demand for 30-day and 60-day single entry visas will particularly profit from this feature.

“This will allow expatriates living in the UAE to bring their family and friends to the country for a short visit more easily and conveniently, as other options are typically more costly and time-consuming.”

Botim’s parent firm, Astra Tech, co-founder and CEO Abdallah Abu Shaikh,
The action is a part of the endeavour to make Botim a “ultra” app.

“The service can also be used by tourists in the country who wish to extend their visas. With musafirdotcom’s extensive experience in the UAE tourist visa processing industry, the visa application process will be smooth, efficient, and hassle-free for customers,” Abu Shaikh said.

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