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You Need to Have These 7 Skills to Succeed in IT Sector in 2021

The modern training requirements of the IT industry in Pakistan were surveyed by the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS (P@SHA). The study found that the following are the seven technologies that companies are interested in preparing for their resources in the next year:

  • Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  • Cloud Technologies (AWS and Azure)
  • Quality Assurance and Automation
  • MEAN Stack/MERN Stack
  • Mobile App Development
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Big Data and Blockchain

Surveyed Population:

61 percent of respondents do not have internal training programmes, according to the study, and only 39 percent have an internal programme in place focused on training new recruits as well as experienced workers for new technology.

As for the respondents’ data, 47 percent of respondents have less than 50 workers, and 25 percent of respondents have an employee strength of between 50 and 100. There are both local and international clients for about 50 percent of the surveyed organizations.

Companies currently work mainly on MEAN/MERN stacks, cloud technology such as AWS and Azure, native development of mobile applications, digital marketing, and other technologies for web development. Around 54 percent of businesses will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the near future, while 46 percent will concentrate on Big Data and Blockchain, and 36 percent will be involved in operating in Cloud Computing and MERN.

The survey results provide a vibrant and comprehensive picture of the needs of the IT industry in Pakistan. Aside from technical training, IT businesses are also involved in implementing agile software development methodologies. It ensures that IT businesses are able to adopt the new working methodologies when upgrading their staff’s technical skills.

The survey detailed that 43 percent of the respondent companies are willing to spend up to Rs. 10,000 per head, 25 percent are willing to spend between 10-20,000 rupees per head, 11.4 percent will disburse 20-30,000 rupees, and interestingly, 18.2 percent are willing to spend more than 30,000 rupees per head with regard to resource training. However, 59 percent of businesses have not provided their workers with any training opportunities in the last year, while 41 percent of companies have offered their employees no training opportunities.

IT businesses are also involved in various certifications, in addition to resource preparation, such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 900.

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