Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Young British Muslim girls raise 95 lacs for Thar

Two teenage British girls gathered about £40,000 (approximately PKR 9500,000) for needy households in Sindh in a stunning charity initiative.

It’s worth noting that the sisters previously donated donations to needy families in Thar, Sindh, totaling roughly £50,000 during Ramadan.

Haziqah, 10, and her five-year-old sister, Khadeejah, set out to raise funds to help the community where their mother and grandparents grew up.

The girls raised £50,000 for Ramadan, which was used to feed locals in the Thar Desert with food boxes.

The two little girls were inspired and driven by their success and were determined to repeat the process for the winter.

Thar, Sindh, already has harsh living conditions. People’s problems are exacerbated by the frigid winter season.

As a result, the girls formed a partnership with Jigsaw, a Birmingham-based volunteer-run charity. In just seven weeks, the young ladies were able to raise over

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