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Yousuf Dewan Companies Revives the Legendary Shehzore and Electrifies Pakistan with Honri VE in a Dual Launch

For those who thought that an electric car for the masses of Pakistan was a far-fetched dream, they were awestruck as Eco-Green Motors Limited, under Yousuf Dewan Companies, took the automobile market by storm. Yes, it’s here—an electric car for Pakistanis, to be driven without worrying about fuel prices. Simultaneously, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited marked the return of a legend, bringing back the Shehzore with unmatched features.

Eco-Green Motors Limited Unveils the Honri VE

Eco-Green Motors Limited unveiled the all-new Honri Ve2.0 in a festive event titled “Future Assembled.” The first locally assembled hatchback electric vehicle is now on the roads of Pakistan. “The Honri Ve is nothing short of a dream come true for Pakistan. A recharge takes you 200 kilometers without worrying about fuel saving 50,000 PKR per month which is a dream come true. The interior and exterior are futuristic and state-of-the-art. Priced at 3,999,000 PKR, it offers remarkable value for its features,” said Saleha Hassan, Director of Sales and Marketing, at the event.

Developed with Honri, a Chinese automobile expert, the Ve2.0 is tailored for Pakistani roads. It boasts a 200 km range per charge, advanced technologies like ABS, EBD, and TPMS, and an IP67 dustproof and water resistant lithium battery. “We are committed to bringing this green change and ensuring vehicle charging decks are installed across Pakistan,” said a Punjab Government representative.

With over nine dealerships across Pakistan, Eco-Green Motors Limited is set to make a significant impact in the automobile market, with more electric vehicles on the horizon.

Dewan Farooque Motors Limited Reintroduces the Shehzore

The Shehzore, a legendary lightweight truck, is back. Earlier today, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited launched the all-new Shehzore at “Future Assembled,” marking the line-off of the Dewan Farooque Motors Limited Sujawal Plant.

“The Kia Shehzore reappears as an unmatched proposition, now offering the ‘STANDARD CABIN at 3,859,000 PKR, and the ‘KING CABIN’ at 4,179,000 PKR, in addition to the ‘GRAND CABIN’ light commercial pickup priced at 7,499,000 PKR. The Shehzore boasts a powerful high-economy engine, the biggest carrying deck with the best loading capacity, focusing on durability and reliability. The Shehzore Grand Cabin is the first of its kind in the LCV industry with an extra row of seating along with a cargo carrying deck,” said Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui.

Dewan has been a pioneer of innovation in the automobile industry since 1998, introducing Kia, Hyundai, BMW and Mitsubishi to Pakistan. The Dewan Farooque Motors Limited Sujawal Plant is one of the largest and most equipped production facilities in Pakistan. With over ten dealerships nationwide, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited is making a strong comeback amongst well-established players. The KIA K2700 Shehzore, developed with Korean giant KIA, is now locally assembled to meet the needs of the Pakistani commercial vehicle market.

Dewan Carries the Future Again

With the dual introduction of the Honri VE and the Shehzore, Yousuf Dewan Companies are leading Pakistan into a new era of automotive innovation. This launch marks a significant milestone, heralding a future where electric mobility and reliable commercial transport drive Pakistan forward.

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