Tuesday, June 25, 2024

YouTube Android App To Provide 4K HDR Support on Its Video-Streaming

YouTube, the largest streaming forum on Earth has been able to provide 4K HDR support on its video-streaming. Previously, the high-quality streaming was available on iOS but now the US-based streaming service has extended the support for Android users too.

How 4K HDR Streaming On YouTube’s Android App is Accessed?

Before the latest support and irrespective of whether the Android users mobile screens were able to support streaming of higher resolution, they were only being offered video streaming in 1440p resolution.

YouTube’s Android app users will now be able to select 2160p (4K) HDR after clicking on the three dots on their video player. If you are mot able to see that option, chances are that your app is not updated to the latest version.

According to details, YouTube app’s latest update was released on February 18th.

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