Sunday, October 1, 2023

YouTube Showing Loan App Ads on Junaid Akram’s Loan Scams Video

Junaid Akram, a popular Youtuber recently posted a YouTube video about loan scams suggesting the netizens to not fall for these traps. In the wake of the recent tragic incident, where a resident of Rawalpindi took his life due to a heavy loan debt, Junaid Akram’s video is highly informative for people facing economic difficulties.

However, since YouTube integrates ads on the videos, Junaid Akram’s video on loan scams features multiple ads on different loan apps.

Junaid Akram informs the citizens that such loan apps require access to the contact list and photo gallery to which citizens agree to in carelessness. Months later these people come to know that their initial amount which they took has reached to lacs because of the implementation of interest.

Being unable to pay such huge amounts, people are being threatened based on the pictures and other ways. Therefore, netizens must not fall into such traps and read the privacy policies before marking the checkbox.

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