Tuesday, October 3, 2023

YouTuber Converts Tesla Model S Paid into Track-Ready ‘Cyber Kart’ Exocar

Here’s a fascinating story about a car that got into a crash but still had parts that were in good condition. This isn’t surprising because fixing a damaged Tesla can cost a lot. Sometimes, insurance companies say electric cars (EVs) are too damaged to fix, even if there’s a small problem with the battery. To repair it, a person named Kyle got another Model S car to use its parts. He carefully took off the back of the second car and added it to the first Plaid car that was in the crash.

The Model S Plaid is known for being super fast. It’s officially said to go from zero to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, which is really quick. But when Wade tried it in real life, it took him 2.31 seconds, which is still really good, especially since the car is heavy, weighing 4,745 pounds.

Wade wanted to make the Model S Plaid even faster, so he made it lighter. He removed things like doors and stuff inside the car, making it 700 pounds lighter, so it weighed around 4,040 pounds.

But something strange happened when the car was lighter. It couldn’t grip the road as well, so it took a bit longer to go from zero to 60 mph – 2.35 seconds. This was interesting because the car felt faster when it was going faster. This might mean that the tires that came with the car couldn’t handle the changes.

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