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Zeeshan Yousuf: Man Who Is behind the ‘Itel Mobile’ Development in Pakistan

In today’s world, the technology industry contributes to and boosts the economies of countries where the people behind it are constantly attempting to innovate and introduce digital technology ideas. Working in the technology industry will help an individual develop and benefit the country.

Zeeshan Yousuf, a committed young man, is one of those who has agreed to use his twenty years of tech industry experience for the greater good by the end of 2019.

According to sources, he created a number of foreign and national brand heroes, complete with logos and images from companies such as LG mobile and appliances, as well as the Q.Mobile.

Zeeshan has a strong vision, but he wanted to broaden it beyond simply selling a product. He wanted to provide the entire country with access to tech-related products, as well as reputable foreign brands that not only offer a superior product, but also pledge constant innovation and bring top-dollar technology to an affordable price.

“It’s exciting to be a member of the Transsion group. In just 16 months, he and his team have not only provided Pakistan with the country’s most famous smart phones, but also accessories and sound systems, all at very low prices. In addition, televisions will be added in the near future!” Zeeshan says.

For every Pakistani buyer, the possibility of finally owning an incredible quality, reliable product at an affordable price is becoming a reality.

According to sources, people in Pakistan have given “itel mobiles” a lot of thought, not only because of their affordability, but also because of the confidence and satisfaction that the brand has earned through its products.

The possibilities of finally owing an incredible quality, reliable product at an affordable rate for every Pakistani consumer is coming to a reality.

According to the sources, people have given much consideration to “itel mobiles” in Pakistan, not because of its affordability but also the trust and satisfaction that the brand has gained through its products.

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