Saturday, May 25, 2024

Zong Moves High Court against PTA to Block Jazz’s License Renewal

Zong filed a lawsuit in the Islamabad High Court, demanding that Jazz’s license renewal process be halted.

Zong claimed in its petition that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Frequency Allocation Board rushed the licence renewal process to give Jazz an unfair advantage because Zong’s spectrum has interference. Zong expected PTA to resolve its faults before renewing Jazz’s spectrum.

The petition stated that “the PTA’s decision to renew the spectrum of jazz on such a basis would impede fair competition and disadvantage Zong”.

At Zong’s request, Jazz’s license was due to be renewed in July 2022, but the process was rushed to give Jazz an unfair competitive advantage.

After admitting the plea, the Islamabad High Court notified the MOIT, the PTA, and the FAB.

While the Superior Court noted Jazz’s renewal of license during the proceedings, Jazz’s license renewal would be subject to a final decision on the application based on the policy directive.

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