Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Zong takes the lead in a Telecom Quality Service Survey

According to the poll, Zong received the top score in Pakistan’s overall benchmarking campaign, followed by Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor. According to the PTA, Zong, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor received 605, 520, 472, and 459 points, respectively.

Zong has the highest overall Network Performance Score, with over 600 points in total and a clear 85-point lead over Ufone in second place. According to the report, Jazz and Telenor are statistically comparable to the lowest-scoring companies.

The Best Voice Service was provided by Zong, followed by Ufone, Telenor, and Jazz. According to the poll, the two leading operators’ overall speech performance is good, with 310+ points out of a possible 400.

In this benchmarking test, Zong also provided the best data service by a wide margin over other cellular mobile operators (CMOs); nonetheless, total data performance is fair for Zong and terrible for the others.

From February 1 to March 25, 2021, the PTA conducted a CMOs quality of service benchmarking campaign across Pakistan, collecting data using ETSI TR 103 559 methodology in various cities, towns, and highways.

During the campaign, a total of ten cities, four towns, and eighteen highways/highways/roads were surveyed, covering 3,570 kilometres. According to the survey, Rohde & Schwarz confirmed the data obtained, and a Network Performance Score (NPS) report was prepared using the procedure provided in ETSI TR 103 559.

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