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10 Relaxation Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Life can be stressful. Between work, family obligations, financial pressures and health issues, it’s easy to feel weighed down. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress naturally. Here are 10 powerful yoga poses to help you de-stress.

1- Child’s Pose

Child’s pose provides a gentle stretch for your back, hips, thighs, and ankles. It’s a resting pose that allows your mind and body to relax. To do it, kneel on the floor with your big toes touching behind you. Put your weight on your heels and squat down so that your torso is between your legs. Let your forehead rest on the floor and breathe deeply for one minute.

2- Forward Bend

The forward bend stretch targets your hamstrings and lower back. It helps relieve tension by loosening tight muscles. From standing, hinge forward at the hips and let your head and arms hang down. Bend your knees slightly to avoid strain. Hold for 8-10 breaths.

3- Bridge Pose

If you tend to slouch or hunch over, try practicing bridge poses to open up your chest and hips. Knees should be bent and feet placed flat on the floor. Exhale as you press your hands and feet together to raise your hips. Wait 5 deep breaths before releasing.

4- Thread the Needle

This twisting stretch improves mobility and eases tension in the neck, shoulder blades, and upper back. From a position of all fours, thread your right arm beneath your left armpit. Do a full body twist, looking up over your right shoulder. Ten deep breaths there, then switch sides and do it again.

5- Standing Forward Bend

Stand with feet together and fold forward at the hips, allowing your head to hang loosely. Keep knees soft as you grab elbows. Breathe deeply and surrender your weight into this gentle inversion. Hold for 10 breaths.

6- Supine Twists

Twists release stored tension in your spine and abdominals. Lying on your back, extend arms out to sides. Gently draw your right knee toward the chest while turning your head left. Switch sides and repeat for 5 breaths each.

7- Legs Up the Wall

In this restorative pose, invert your body against a wall to relieve swollen feet and restless legs. Sit sideways against a wall and swing your legs up. Rest arms by your sides, close eyes and breathe slowly for 5 minutes.

8- Seated Forward Bend

Breathe deeply while sitting cross-legged and raise your arms above your head. Take a deep breath out and squat down by bending at the hips. Relax your shoulders and neck. Spend a full minute concentrating on your breath.

9- Corpse Pose

If you want to truly unwind at the end of your practice, try striking this pose. Stretch out your legs and put your arms at your sides, then lie face up. Put your focus on your abdominal breathing while you close your eyes. Keep for at least ten minutes.

10- Mindful Breathing

Take five minutes out of your day to sit still, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. Expanse your tummy by taking a deep breath in through your nose. Let the air out of your lungs gradually. Doing so soothes the neurological system.

Regular yoga practice gives your mind and body the tools to better handle daily stressors. Set aside time each day to do poses that relax your muscles, regulate breathing, and quiet your thoughts. The benefits of yoga extend far off the mat into everyday life.

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