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11 Best Schools in Islamabad

Education is the fundamental and primary right of every individual in the world. It helps groom people socially, economically, and physically. So, education is essential for every human being in this modern era.

But to obtain a quality education from a good institution is necessary. Otherwise, it wastes money and time and ruins people’s lives. Thus, getting instruction from the best schools is essential as early education acts as a building block.

Best schools in Islamabad

Islamabad is a famous city in Pakistan due to its development and literacy rate. Moreover, Islamabad has some best schools in Pakistan. Some come from the government sector, but some are private and army schools.

Below 11 best schools in Islamabad in 2022 are described.

Preparatory School Islamabad

The preparatory school is a co-education school established in 1990 in Islamabad. It is a private school with a strength of more than 500 students. Qualified teacher staff is working in this school. It offers the following school programs.

  • Primary and elementary education
  • O – level education

Aside from curriculum activities, the preparatory school also focuses on extracurricular activities to improve the students’ abilities.

Preparatory School Islamabad

Army Public School Islamabad

Army Public School and College is the best school in Islamabad and is considered the best institution in Pakistan. Initially, it was established in 2005. Then, all school policies were managed by the Pakistan Army. But now, almost its 168 campuses are working in different cities of Pakistan.

50 out of 168 branches are available in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It also has various societies that help students cope with different life challenges. Some are known as dramatic societies, debate, journalism societies, etc.

Army Public school in Islamabad is considered the best matriculation school. However, the following programs are offered in this school.

  • Pre- education
  • Primary, secondary, Higher secondary, Matriculation
  • FSc in both pre-engineering and pre-medical
  • O and A levels education
Army Public School Islamabad

City School Islamabad

City school is the leading school in Islamabad and every city where its campuses are working. It came into the private sector and was initially established in Karachi, Pakistan. Up to now, 153 city school campuses are working in 49 different cities.

Its branches are also available in the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Currently, more than 150000 students are enrolled in this school.

This school has a strong Alumni network that provides internship and workshop opportunities to the students that help groom the students at both professional and development levels. In addition, various courses are offered to the students in this school. Some of them are listed below.

  • Early years education
  • Primary  and secondary education
  • O/A levels and Matriculation
  • FSc in pre-engineering
City School Islamabad

Alhuda International School Islamabad

The Farhat Hashmi founded Alhuda International school in 2004. This school is famous as it offers religious courses along with other classes. Its various campuses are currently working in different cities of Pakistan. It also provides students with a considerable alumnus.

Alhuda International School Islamabad

Beaconhouse School Islamabad

Beaconhouse school comes on the list of famous schools in Pakistan. Firstly, it was established in 1975, and now many of its campuses are working not only in Pakistan but also in Malaysia, UK, UAE, Oman, Thailand, and Belgium. The school provides restricted students policies for their protection.

In Pakistan, its branches are working more than 3o cities. In Islamabad branches, 50,000 plus students are enrolled. This school also provides opportunities for students to get scholarships to top universities in the world.

Following courses are offered in Beaconhouse School.

  • Early, primary, secondary, and Matriculation
  • IGSCE and O/A levels
Beaconhouse School Islama

Roots International School, Islamabad

Root’s school comes among the top private schools in Islamabad. Mrs. Rifat Mushtaq is the founder of roots international school. At that time, its 35 branches are working in 19 different cities all over Pakistan. It is a Microsoft mentor status school.

Ten thousand students are currently enrolled, and 20000 are total alumni. In addition, the following education programs are offered at Rots international school.

  • Montessori
  • Primary and lower secondary
  • IGCSE and Matriculation
  • FSc and A level

Along with all these programs, it offers different language courses, e.g., Chinese, German, French, etc.

Roots International School, Islamabad

Headstart School Islamabad

Naznin and Najib established the Headstart school of Islamabad in 1911. It is considered one of the best schools that provide good quality of education to its students and has multiple clubs and societies, such as robotic society.

Eleven campuses of Headstart school are working in both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Almost 365 highly qualified teachers and staff are working in this school. From records, it has come known that nearly 1700 students are currently studying in this school. Montessori to A-level education is given in this school.

Headstart School Islamabad

Schola Nova School

Schola Nova, available in the heart of Islamabad, was established in August 1998. Currently, almost 300 students are enrolled in this school. About 57 qualified teachers are available in the school.

Following education programs are offered in this school.

  • Pre-school education
  • Primary and secondary education
  • O – level education

Along with academic activities, Schola Nova school also focuses on creative art programs, competition programs, and sports activities. These extracurricular activities help to keep students active and motivated.

Schola Nova School

Froebel’s International School

Froebel’s international school is a private sector school and is the best for primary school education in Islamabad and Pakistan. Mrs. Zamir Khan established this school in 1975, and now its eight campuses are working in Pakistan.

It offers the following academic programs.

  • Pre-school
  • Primary and secondary education
  • O and A level

More than 13000 students are currently enrolled in this school, and a faculty of 375 teachers are available. The school also focuses on co-curricular activities to enhance students’ management and leadership qualities.

Froebel’s International School

SuperNova School

It is also a private international school located in the heart of Islamabad. Its multiple campuses are working in Kuri road, F-8, and F-7 areas of Islamabad. SuperNova school is registered along with the Cambridge school system.

Following programs are offered in this school.

  • Kindergarten and preparatory
  • Secondary and higher secondary
  • O and A levels

Along with the curricular activities, this school also offers many co-curricular activities that help prepare the students at the professional level and face different challenges in life. Also, various indoor and outdoor sports activities are part of this school.

SuperNova School

OPF School

OPF school stands for overseas Pakistanis foundation school. It was established in 1985 and was based on not profit for girls. In 2001, the OPF boys’ campus was also founded. Currently, 4800 students are enrolled on its girls’ campus but 1400 on the boys’ campus.

The girls’ campus school covers almost 100 canals, but the boys’ campus has 56 canals land. Highly qualified teachers are working on both campuses. Girls’ campus has 450, but boys have 121 highly qualified teachers.

Overseas, children can get admission to this school with 100% assurance. It also offers a 50% discount for them.

Following courses are offered in this school.

  • Pre-nursery
  • Secondary
  • Higher secondary
  • O/A levels
OPF School

Final Thought

Finding and selecting the appropriate and best school for children is essential and decisive for parents. It affects the children’s mental health and plays a vital role in their ideology. Above top schools in Islamabad are mentioned that provide the best facilities to their students.

You can visit these schools for satisfaction. All of the contact details can be easily found on google maps.

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