Saturday, April 20, 2024

Rickshaw Driver from Peshawar Gives Free Rides to school Girls, as his Sisters couldn’t study Due to No transport.

A 29-year-old Rickshaw driver from Peshawar is willingly giving lifts to school young ladies to encourage women education in his town. A cart driver named Arab Shah gives free pick and drop administrations to young ladies in his old neighborhood.

He has been offering assistance for the late six years without any profit for himself. In a discussion with a local news channel, he added that he offers free support to almost 100 young ladies which costs him Rs.500 consistently.

He stated that, “My sisters didn’t have a source for transport, because of which they couldn’t finish their schooling. I began this service with the goal that these young ladies don’t end up living as my sisters have endured,” When he was being asked about what motivated him to begin the help.

He promoted wealthy individuals to approach and offer comparable types of services to the young ladies’ schooling in oppressed regions.

“This gives me an spiritual peace,” he expressed. He added that he wishes to purchase more Rickshaws so he can offer free support to as many young ladies as he can so no girl needs to end her schooling because of the absence of mone

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