Tuesday, May 30, 2023

11 Year Old Mexican Girl with IQ Higher than Einstein and Hawking to Receive Master’s Degree

Adhara Pérez Sánchez, an extraordinary 11-year-old girl from Mexico City, is on the path to achieving an astonishing accomplishment: obtaining her Master’s degree at an incredibly young age.

Despite facing the challenges associated with autism, Adhara has demonstrated exceptional intelligence and a remarkable aptitude for learning. With an IQ score of 162, higher than the likes of renowned physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, she has proven herself to be an intellectual prodigy.

Adhara’s incredible journey and achievements have garnered international attention. She aspires to work with NASA in the future, fostering her passion for space exploration and mathematics.

Currently, she is actively involved in promoting these subjects to young students in collaboration with the Mexican Space Agency. Adhara’s dedication and drive at such a young age are nothing short of remarkable.

At the age of three, Adhara was diagnosed with autism, a developmental disorder that can present challenges in social interactions and communication. Growing up in the economically disadvantaged neighborhood of Tláhuac, she faced additional obstacles, including bullying due to her developmental disability. Adhara’s mother, Nayeli Sánchez, shared that she encountered a lack of empathy and experienced ridicule from others during this time.

However, Adhara’s journey took a significant turn as she discovered her exceptional intellectual abilities. Her remarkable intelligence, coupled with her unwavering determination, enabled her to overcome the adversity she faced. Recognizing her daughter’s potential, Nayeli Sánchez supported Adhara in pursuing her academic interests, leading her to achieve outstanding accomplishments at a remarkably young age.

Adhara’s academic journey began with earning a degree in systems engineering from CNCI University. Not stopping there, she went on to obtain another degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico. These achievements are a testament to her incredible intellectual prowess and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

The story of Adhara Pérez Sánchez serves as an inspiration to individuals around the world, showcasing the power of determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. Her story highlights the importance of supporting and nurturing the talents and abilities of young individuals, regardless of any developmental challenges they may face.

Adhara’s passion for space exploration and her aspiration to work with NASA further underscores the significance of encouraging and fostering young minds in pursuit of their dreams.

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