Monday, March 4, 2024

122 Hindu Couples Tie the Knot at Mass Wedding Ceremony in Karachi

The Pakistan Hindu Council orchestrated a grand wedding ceremony in Karachi, uniting 122 couples in matrimony. Held at the Railway Ground, the event showcased a blend of tradition and modernity. A special couple occupied the main stage, while others partook in the rituals at designated booths, adhering to Hindu customs.

The ceremony commenced with the melodious recital of prayers, with a Hindu priest guiding the couples through sacred rituals. The proceedings were broadcasted on screens, allowing a wider audience to witness the joyous occasion. The central element of the wedding setup was the Mandap, an adorned symbolic structure featuring representations of Hindu goddesses and planets.

Sindh caretaker minister Syed Ahmed Shah, as the Chief Guest, announced a noteworthy gesture of support. He declared that each couple would receive a cheque of Rs50,000 from the government’s minority marriage fund, underscoring the commitment to uphold the rights of minorities and ensure equal opportunities.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the Patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council, expressed gratitude for orchestrating 1,500 weddings over 16 years. He highlighted the council’s comprehensive support, extending beyond the ceremony to include provisions of household essentials, rent support, and assistance to disabled individuals and talented students. Dr. Vankwani unveiled plans for a matrimonial app and the allocation of 700 scholarships for students, emphasizing the council’s dedication to fostering community well-being and education.

In essence, the grand ceremony not only celebrated the union of 122 couples but also underscored the communal commitment to supporting and uplifting the minority Hindu community in Pakistan. The combination of traditional rituals, government support, and the council’s initiatives showcased a holistic approach to nurturing a harmonious society.

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