Tuesday, July 23, 2024

14 Year Old Boy to Join Elon Musk’s Space X as Software Engineer

SpaceX has hired a 14-year-old named Kairan Quazi as a software engineer. He passed their challenging and fun interview process, becoming the youngest person ever hired by the company.

Quazi started studying computer science and engineering at 11 years old and is graduating from Santa Clara University this month with a degree in the same field.Quazi is very excited about his new job at SpaceX and wants to use his skills to help the company achieve its goal of sending humans to Mars. He wrote on LinkedIn that he will be joining the Starlink engineering team, which is a part of SpaceX known for its cool projects.

He is happy that SpaceX did not judge him based on his age but recognized his abilities.Reports say that Quazi and his mother are planning to move from Pleasanton, California to Redmond, Washington so he can start working at SpaceX.

Quazi’s interest in news and current events showed his intelligence and curiosity from a young age. He started speaking in full sentences when he was two years old and in kindergarten, he would tell his friends and teachers about news stories he heard on the radio.

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