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PepsiCo Pakistan and Foodpanda Join Forces to Enhance Culinary Experience

PepsiCo Pakistan, one of the country’s largest food and beverage companies, has joined hands with the largest online food delivery platform in Pakistan, Foodpanda, as their Preferred Beverage and Snacks Partner. This collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of both industry-leading companies, with the aim of enhancing culinary experiences for consumers across the nation.

The partnership will leverage the unique strengths of each company to create a seamless and delightful experience for consumers. PepsiCo Pakistan is renowned for its exceptional range of high-quality and innovative beverages and snacks, while Foodpanda has established itself as a trusted platform for convenient and efficient food delivery.

This collaboration will enable consumers to unlock best-in-class deals and discounts with PepsiCo beverage restaurants on Foodpanda, experience innovative culinary integrations with PepsiCo snacks, and the opportunity to explore and enjoy a wider selection of beverages and snacks that perfectly complement their meals.

PepsiCo will also be supporting FoodPanda Home Chefs, which are small-scale home-based businesses, with subsidized buying of PepsiCo products and regular interventions to provide them support for the future growth of their ventures.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting collaboration with Foodpanda,” said Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO PepsiCo Pakistan and Afghanistan. “By combining our strengths, we aim to elevate the culinary experience of our consumers by providing them with a wider selection of high-quality beverages and snacks that perfectly complement their meals. We believe this partnership will transform how people consume food and drink pairings, enhancing their satisfaction and enjoyment,” he added.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our customers’ dining experience” added Muntaqa Peracha, CEO foodpanda Pakistan. “Teaming up with PepsiCo allows us to offer an even greater variety of beverage and snacks options to our customers, complimenting their meals with products and pairings of their choice. This collaboration is a continuation of our mission to provide unparalleled convenience, choice and quality to our customers as well as help develop meal and snacking occasions even further – enhancing our customers’ experience on our platform.”

The collaboration between PepsiCo Pakistan and Foodpanda Pakistan will be operational in the coming weeks, while both companies already share a strong partnership vis-a-vis Foodpanda’s e-grocery platform Pandamart. PepsiCo and Foodpanda are highly committed to continually improving and advancing their partnership, driven by a shared vision to redefine the online food and grocery delivery experience for consumers.

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