Thursday, November 30, 2023

2-Day Holiday Declared for Public, Private Sectors in Oman’s Region due to Cyclone Tej

Oman is currently facing adverse weather conditions due to Cyclone Tej, which has intensified into an ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’ near the coasts of Oman and Yemen. As a result, the Omani authorities have taken several precautionary measures.

They have declared official holidays for both public and private sector employees in the Dhofar Governorate and the Wilayat of Al Jazir in the Al Wusta Governorate on October 23-24. Oman’s Ministry of Health has activated a 24-hour call center to address potential health issues resulting from the cyclone.

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a stern advisory, urging the public to exercise extreme caution, specifically warning against crossing valleys and emphasizing the importance of avoiding low-lying areas for safety. Satellite images indicate that Tropical Tej is intensifying into a Category 3 cyclone, with the peak expected on Monday and Tuesday, bringing heavy rains, flooded valleys, and gusty winds.

Oman’s National Committee for Emergency Situations Management is taking measures to evacuate residents from vulnerable areas. The Salalah port has been shut down, and the UAE Embassy in Muscat has advised its citizens to be cautious.

The cyclone is expected to make landfall between Al Ghaidah (Yemen) and Salalah (Oman) around noon on October 24 as a ‘very severe cyclonic storm.’ It’s essential for residents to stay informed and heed local authorities’ guidance to ensure their safety during this severe weather event.

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