Saturday, July 13, 2024

2 Persons Stole Food Worth Rs.27, 000 from the Restaurant by Tricking Online Rider

On Monday night, two unidentified individuals posed as online riders and dined at a modern restaurant near Gora Graveyard in Karachi. They enjoyed a buffet worth Rs.5,000 and ordered food worth thousand rupees for takeaway.

The restaurant owner, Syed Mudassar Zaidi, reported that the suspects left with the food, leaving their rider at the restaurant, claiming they were going to retrieve money from downstairs. However, they did not return and took the rider’s phone with them.

The restaurant management and the rider became concerned and eventually contacted the police. The investigation revealed that the rider, Shafiqullah, was innocent and that the suspects had lured him into joining them from Chiniot Hospital in Korangi, only to abandon him later. The suspects remain unidentified.

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