Thursday, September 28, 2023

3 Delivery Riders in UAE Win Free Trip to Pakistan

Three delivery riders in the UAE are experiencing a very special celebration as they have been given the chance to go back to their home countries and spend Eid-al-Adha with their families. One of the riders, Muhammad Arif Liaquat Ali, who is from Pakistan and lives in the UAE, shares how important this occasion is for him. Since he was born after his father passed away, he never had the opportunity to meet or know him. So, being able to be with his own children, especially during the festive season, means a lot to him.

On June 21, which is Father’s Day in the UAE, a company in Dubai joined hands with Deliveroo to surprise and appreciate their best-performing riders. These riders were treated to a special day that included being picked up in a fancy car, getting to try different food, and having a chance to win a trip back home. Three lucky riders had their names drawn and were given the precious opportunity to reunite with their families.

Muhammad Arif Liaquat Ali is very excited about this opportunity because the last time he visited his home was in December 2022. Winning this ticket was a big surprise and a first-time achievement for him. He has two children, aged three and one, and he is eagerly waiting to see them. He also understands the significance of this opportunity because he never got to meet his father, who passed away just four months before he was born. Seeing his own children grow up is very important to him.

Another rider, Muhammad Waseem, who is also from Pakistan and has been working as a Deliveroo rider for four years, remembers the hard work and sacrifices his father made for their family. He always promised to take care of his father, and now, by working in Dubai, he can fulfill that promise while his father can relax at home. Winning this ticket means everything to him because it allows him to be with his wife, children, and parents for Eid, which is the first time in four years. He believes that his father’s prayers and his honest work have been recognized and rewarded.

Similarly, a 34-year-old rider named Irshad Hussain is very excited about celebrating Eid with his four children this year, thanks to winning the ticket. He remembers the values his hardworking father, who was a farmer, taught him and hopes to pass on those same values to his own children. Celebrating Eid with his family brings him great joy, especially because it has been nine years since he last had the chance to do so. His son’s prayer played a significant role in winning the ticket, and he is grateful to be able to fulfill his son’s wish.

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