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3D Pen Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best 3D Pens in Pakistan

Technology of the modern era has left no field unexplored and has achieved a tremendous amount of accomplishments in each and every department, whether it’s related to biology, health and fitness, chemistry or even Arts.

We are talking about a 3D pen, which is one of another great and amazing achievements of modern technology, specifically in the field of art.

You can take advantage of this 3D pen if you are a professional like studying art or architecture or if you like crafting. hence, it can be used by designers, engineers, artists or even by hobbyists. A 3D drawing pen provides one with immense creative fun.

Let’s look at the details of a 3D pen;


It is called a 3D pen because it is used to draw three-dimensional objects. A 3D pen is a 3D printer’s portable relative.

You might think you already have enough plastic objects in your life if you possess a 3D printer. Working with a 3D drawing pen, on the other hand, is more creative and rewarding since you’re actually making something with your hands rather than designing something in software and having it printed.

You can also mix 3D printing and 3D drawing by using a printing pen 3d to correct errors in a produced model or add colorful elements to it.

And, unlike 3D printers, printing pen 3d don’t have a size limit so you can work at nearly any scale. Surreal? Is there really a thing as modern-day sorcery? Is it a cross between Harry Potter and Harold and the Purple Crayon? It may appear that way at first, but believe us when we say that it’s authentic, imaginative, and a lot of fun.

You may design a raised graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface with a 3D pen. But it’s the ability of a 3D pen to “draw” in mid-air that sets it apart from other pens.


To buy a good quality pen, you should always concentrate on the following things:

  • It should be comfortable to hold.
  • It should be reliable.
  • It should work with steady plastic extrusion.
  • It should be easy to load.
  • It should be portable.

If we look at the above-mentioned points, we come to the main point behind discussing it which is the best 3D pen in 2021. 3Doodler creates the best 3d pens till date.

We’re confident that the 3Doodler Create+ gives the best overall experience after 35 hours of research and creating 20 sculptures out of heated plastic with 10 3D pens.

It includes a comfortable, easy-to-use design with a hard-to-find collection of tips for drawing various line sizes.

In addition, 3Doodler’s customer support is responsive and helpful, which is a key feature for a product of this type. After 3Doodler comes the rest of the best 3D pen in 2021 as:

  • Mynt3D pro printing pen
  • 3D pen CreoPop
  • MYNT3D junior 3D pens
  • Scribble 3D pen DUO and many more. These are included in some of the best 3D pen 2021.


For anyone who wishes to start working with 3D pens, the 3Doodler Create+ provides the finest overall drawing experience.

It was the easiest to use and one of the most comfortable to grasp. It draws straight lines of plastic that solidified swiftly. It comes with the most handy attachments.

The Create+’s triangular coated aluminium body feels natural in the hand, even after extended use. Your finger naturally rests within reach of two buttons, which you push once to begin or stop extruding at a slow or rapid speed respectively (a design we found great for gaining fine control while drawing).

One of the most amazing qualities of this 3d drawing pen is that you don’t have to hold a button down to extrude the plastic; instead, you just push once, which makes this pen more comfortable to use for long periods of time.

The Create+ offers a speed range that’s in the center of the pack among all other pens, but both its fast and slow settings are suitable for everyday drawing.

The pen is also the best at drawing straight lines into the air, something we didn’t do very much in normal use but is a much-hyped talent for 3D pens.


Most 3D drawing pens function by putting plastic into the pen, which then melts it before it emerges out a nozzle at the pen’s end. Depending on the substance you place into the pen, the pen heats up to a different temperature.

The molten plastic is soft and flexible when it exits the pen, but it solidifies quickly, forming a firm, stable, and pick-up-able structure. A 3D pen is a pen with a nozzle that extrudes heated or warm plastic.

There is no software required. There are no files to move and no complicated technology to master. “Whatever you envision, you can draw”.

It flows straight from your head to your hand.” You feed strands of hard plastic (called filament) into the pen, which melts and extrudes the filament as a string of gooey plastic out of the tip.

You can make 3D art, figurines, gaming pieces, or basic plastic things like baskets and phone holders by holding the pen like a conventional pen and drawing in any direction, including straight up into the air with experience.

You might even be able to repair shattered ABS plastic objects by welding the pieces back together with melted ABS using a 3D pen.


You can buy these 3D pens in Pakistan from the most entrusted online stores of Pakistan as,,, and These are some of the best stores to buy 3D pens from.


If we look at the 3d pen price in Pakistan then prices have different ranges based on their qualities.

Cheap 3D pens range from a maximum of RS2,362 to the minimum of Rs399. while good quality 3D pens have a little high price with an estimated average price of Rs16,149 and the lowest price is round about Rs11,599.

So this is the 3d pen price in Pakistan. So now you can have your 3d pen in Pakistan, very easily.

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