Monday, October 2, 2023

4.2 Million Pakistani Uses ‘BIGO Live’ and ‘Likee’: Survey

According to the economic survey for 2022-23, YouTube, a popular app owned by Google, has become the most favored app in Pakistan, with an impressive user base of over 71 million people. Other platforms like ‘BIGO LIVE’ and ‘Likee’ have also gained popularity, accumulating 4.2 million users.

With a massive 19.18 million smartphone users in the country, YouTube stands out as the preferred platform, followed closely by Facebook with 57.5 million users and Snack Video with 18.8 million users. The survey also highlights the significant presence of TikTok with 18.3 million users and Instagram with 15.6 million users. Additionally, LinkedIn has gained popularity among professionals in Pakistan, attracting 7.6 million users.

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