Monday, April 15, 2024

48% Revenue Share is contributed by only ‘Mobiles and Tablets’ on Daraz in 2020

An increasing number of online sales for mobiles and tablets have contributed about 48% revenue share as the subcategory of electronics at Daraz in 2020. According to the research, consumer electronic has been a major category that contributes to e-commerce worldwide.

It has been observed that e-commerce in Pakistan has increased the number of online sales during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. However, a major boost of shifting from traditional to online shopping methods for electronic products made the consumers satisfied while ordering from the most authentic online platform, ‘Daraz’.

Consumers usually do not trust online sites while ordering fragile items including the Mobiles as well as tablets; whereas, the open “rating and review portal” on Daraz made the buyers confident to go for ordering electronics and any other item online after reading positive reviews.

The safe and secured delivery of fragile items at the doorstep has gained the trust of online buyers and this trust of consumers has made this platform earn a revenue percentage of 48% only from these two products, mobile and tabs.

Under the subcategory of electronics, TV, Audio Video, Gaming & Wearable followed the list of contributors to high revenue share by being at the top second place to gain a 22% revenue share on Daraz in 2020.

According to the official data, home appliances, computer appliances, and cameras also remain among the top subcategory of generating high revenue streams to this e-commerce platform last year. Moreover, a much higher number of sales, as well as revenue share from these items, have been estimated by Daraz for 2021.

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