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5 Common Mistakes That Lead To Visa Rejection

It is commonly seen that people apply for a visa but their visa is rejected for some reason or the other, they don’t know what are the reasons for their visa rejection.

There is no single reason for visa rejection but there can be several reasons, if we consider them, the chances of visa rejection can be reduced to a great extent.

The most common reasons for visa rejections are incomplete or incorrect information entered on the application form, including missing signatures, incomplete forms, incorrect passport numbers and other errors.

If you want your visa not to be rejected, carefully review the form before filling it and make sure that all the information you provide is correct and up-to-date and there are no errors.

1- No criminal record anywhere?

Your visa may be refused if you have a criminal record, including drugs, fraud or other serious crimes. If you have a criminal record, describe it in your application and provide all relevant information. 

2- Lack of good relations with home country

If the visa officer suspects that you have no intention of returning to your home country, your visa application may be rejected. Therefore, it is important to have good relations with your home country.

3- Illegal travel documents

Make sure all your travel documents are correct and up-to-date before submitting your application.

4- Do you have a shortage of money?

It’s also important to have good cash, because if you’re applying for a tourist or study visa, you’ll need to show that you have enough money to cover your expenses while you’re abroad. The money is there. If proof of funds is not provided, your visa may be rejected.

5- Unknown documents

Attachment of documents with the application depends on the type of visa you are applying for, such as proof of employment, invitation letter or other relevant documents etc. If you do not provide these documents, it is possible that Your request may be rejected.

Overstaying your previous visa If you have overstayed your previous visa, your visa application will not be approved. This includes overstaying the visa period in any country.

To avoid this, make sure you leave the country before your visa expires.

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