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50 Years Of Most Iconic Building, HBL Plaza Celebrated By HBL Pakistan

In history of HBL, 3rd September marks a special da, as the Bank celebrates its 50th anniversary today of the HBL plaza building. On 4th September 1971, HBL Plaza building started its operations, it was 335 feet skyscraper standing tall on I.I Chundrigar Road, it houses over 1799 employees and is the heart of Pakistan Financial district.

There are only a few structures set in the country mind as HBL plaza, it is recognized as one of the most prominent buildings of Pakistan, with its different and unique engineering and building it is one of the firsts. It remains a symbol of Karachi’s Skyline and continues to be one of the most prominent one, once upon a time it was used for moon sighting of Eid. When the operations started, it was known as the tallest building in the whole Asia for decades. Even after 50 years, the HBL Plaza continues to be an important landmark of Karachi.

HBL’s technology, digital transformation and operations all are centered at HBL plaza today. The services, products and controls the company provides to its customers, HBL plaza is the backbone of it.

The building has seen the growth of the company, how it grew over the previous 50 years, the HBL plaza building has seen major growth in the financial wellbeing of million clients in the country and of the country. In start the profit was around Rs100 million and now it is around Rs30 billion, the bank has seen impressive growth, it total deposits have increased from Rs 6.8 Billion to Rs 3 Trillion and the Bank advances have increased to Rs 1.3 trillion from Rs 4 billion.

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