Sunday, April 14, 2024

Quarantine Requirements For Pakistani Travelers Ended By Turkey

For fully vaccinated passengers the quarantine requirement have been lifted by the Turkish Government.

72 hours before entry to turkey, all passengers must have a negative PCR result. The regulation will be effective from 4th September.

Except for Johnson & Johnson vaccination, which is a single dose, the passengers travelling must have been vaccinated by a vaccine approved by WHO which should be of two doses. The ones who will have proof of vaccination will only be exempted from quarantine and if the second dose was received 14 days before entry.

 Passengers who will not have a proof will be quarantining in their booked hotels or residencies. According to regulations, the passengers will have to get a PCR test done on the 10th day and in case of negative result the quarantine period will be finished and the ones who do not take a PCR test will take it on the 14th day and in case of negative the will be able to leave and if it is positive the case will be solved and handles\d according to the regulations set by Turkey Government.

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