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6 Best Restaurants At Super Highway Karachi That Worth Visiting

Eating outside has become a fun-loving habit or interest of the people of Karachi. For people who are always in favour of long drives and enjoyment, this article is worth reading for them. This article will provide the people with the top list of best highway restaurants in superhighway Karachi.

The superhighway is also known as Karachi-highway Motorway. The motorway connects Hyderabad and Karachi. Most of the karachities have travelled at the superhighway more than once. People most visit the street to go to Hyderabad, or if not going to Hyderabad, people visit the superhighway for eating at the mouth-watering restaurants.

The highway that links Hyderabad and Karachi is the most visited place by the people of Karachi. The superhighway is now known as M-9 Motorway. It is known as M-9 Motorway because of the additional lanes and the fantastic restaurants on the highway.

Restaurants at superhighway are unique from other restaurants in Karachi. From traditional charpoy seating with comfy cushions, deserted places with mouth-watering foods are available under one roof. These restaurants provide the customers with amazing Karachi’s, handis, kababs, and tikkas in an open environment. Below is the list of best restaurants on superhighway Karachi.

Best Restaurants At Superhighway Karachi

  • Kababjees highway restaurant
  • Sajjad restaurant
  • Al-Habib restaurant
  • Metro highway restaurant
  • Shaheen shinwarI restaurant
  • Dua restaurant highway

Kababjees Highway

Kababjees Super Highway Menu, Price, Deals, Contact, Location, Review

When deliberating the principal eating place of superhighway, Karachi, the name of the famous restaurant that comes into mind is Kababjees. Kababjees develops an apparent reference.

Kabajees is also a resilient competitor in the number of eateries by the side of the superhighway. The restaurant remains well-known for its finger-licking foodstuff contributions and stays calculated among the best BBQ diners in Karachi, also known as the city of lights.

Kabajees also remains recognised for its outstanding consumer facility and the preparation of a calming space by the ocean for an exceptional understanding of good feasting in Karachi.

The public would rate the topmost of the restaurants as kababjees is also a number one restaurant on the superhighway. It stays unquestionably the most excellent choice at the seashore, which assists the mouth-watering BBQ and traditional desi food. It remains well-known for its superb consumer facility.

Location: superhighway, Karachi

Timing : 6pm -2am

Contact number: 032121324787

Al Habib Restaurant Highway

Al-Habib Restaurant Super highway - YouTube

Al Habib’s list of options for dinner and lunch deals comes in various choices for its customers, from desi to central. The restaurant offers Mixed Katakat, Brain Masala, Peshawari Karahi, Makhni Handi, Mutton Sajji and Chicken Malai Boti. A; Habib is one of the oldest restaurants on superhighway Karachi.

The ambience of al Habib is family-friendly. It also has separate kids’ play area and prayer area. Al Habib has a comfortable outside seating arrangement with charpoys, cushions Takht, and comfy chairs.

Al Habib’s food ranges range from desi cookery containing Afghani Bpti, Mutton Chops, Lahori Fish, Peshawri Karahi, Fried Fish, Prawns, steaks, and delightful  Mughlai food. The Restaurant also provides delicious desserts like kheer, gulab jamun,gajar ka halwa, ras malai, and different ice cream.

Timings: The opening hours of al Habib restaurant are from 7 pm to 1 am.

Contact number: 0300-3528402

Location: Karachi, Hyderabad motorway, Gadap town

Shaheen Shinwari Highway

Shaheen Shinwari Super Highway Karachi - YouTube - YouTube

Shaheen Shanwari restaurant came in 2001. The restaurant proposes a vast range of Arabic and afghani food for the customers who love middle eastern taste buds. Ths restaurant gives their speciality on their menu card, but the best speciality dishes require around 3 hours of cooking time. Hence booking of the food is accepted.

The unique and delicious food includes Turkish fusion, sobat (shorma), mutton karahi, salim bakra with rice. The restaurant also provides Chinese and other chicken Karachi.

Timings: 6 pm to 2 am

Contact number: 0301-8047003

Location: Karachi:  Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Gulshan-E-Maymar Mor, near Toyota Highway Motors, Sector 8 B, Gulzar E Hijri, Scheme 33

Dua Restaurant Highway

Dua Restaurant Highway branch | cinematic video | Perfect capture - YouTube

Dua restaurant highway has become famous in a short period. The restaurant has many different dishes that taste amazing and are mouth-watering; it is in a vast land area and serves food on the upper floor. It has a rooftop setting for parties, meetings and other events also.

Location: super higjway, near new sabzi mandi

Timing: 6pm-2am

Contact: 0333223366

Al Sajjad Highway

Best Super Highway Restaurants in Karachi

Although the al Sajjad restaurant is the farthest of the restaurants on a superhighway, it is one of the oldest and most running. The restaurant stills maintain its quality, and many people visit it. The est dish of al Sajjad restaurant is their daal mash and peshawri mutton karahi and chapli kebab.

Location: superhighway

Timing: 6pm-2am

Contact: 0334 0008022

Metro Highway Restaurant

Karachi administration seals three restaurants at National Highway

Metro highway restaurant has become of the top-rated restaurants on highway Karachi. The restaurant has a fantastic ambience and a rooftop dining facility also.

Metro highway restaurant food ranges from desi cookery containing Afghani Bpti, Mutton Chops, Lahori Fish, Peshawri Karahi, Fried Fish, Prawns, steaks, and as well as delightful  Mughlai food. Metro highway restaurant also provides delicious desserts like kheer, gulab jamun,gajar ka halwa, ras malai, and different ice cream.


These are the top 6 best restaurants on highway Karachi. There are many more to explore. If people prefer long drives and eating out, the highway is the best place.

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