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PTCL Number Search – Find Any Landline Number Online in Pakistan

It has always been difficult to search for someone’s PTCL number. The only viable option is to use a search tool, i.e. easy to use; one can find any number in the blink of an eye. In this article, it will be discussed in detail the option to search PTCL numbers.

It has always been a stressful task to find a number that meets all of your requirements. The same can’t be done until the use of the right tools & search engines aren’t made. The point of focus will be to provide an easy & user-friendly procedure to find the right PTCL Number or want to switch providers.

  • Click on this link
  • The page then displayed will ask you to enter the full name & address of the person you are finding.
PTCL Number Search
  • If the correct address is unknown to you, entering the city name may also suffice.
  • Even if the city is unknown, entering a person’s name would suffice.
  • Entering half the name of the individual whose number you are searching will also provide you data, but that result will be so long that the user has to do some manual search. This way isn’t user friendly.

Search Name by PTCL Number

If you have PTCL Number, the same link will be opened, and a phone number will be entered where the phone number is asked; the result will be the name you desire to acquire. (Ref: Para ‘a’ clause: ii)

Search address by PTCL Number

The address can be acquired by entering the name & number in the same In case the correct address is unknown to you, entering the city name may also suffice.

One can search their desired phone number anywhere in Pakistan with free search, whether KPK, Sindh, Kashmir, Punjab, Baluchistan or GB. The aim is to suggest/ recommend user-friendly search engines to find any residential address via entering the telephone number.

This is the largest Pakistani Directory with the most accurate results & fast search response. Now select the city & enter the phone number on the page displayed.

PTCL Directory Number Search

Online PTCL Directory Search /number

You can find the online PTCL directory search number in Pakistan by direct visiting the official website of PTCL. You may look for your chosen phone number from anywhere in Pakistan, including Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta. When you input your cellphone number, you’ll be able to see the address.

It’s the world’s largest online PTCL directory, with the most up-to-date information and quick responses. Simply go to the site, choose the city, input the phone number, and then press enter on the search choices as seen in the image below.

Online PTCL Directory Search

You may also use the online phone directory when you visit the website. The directory information then appears, such as:

  • You can contact 1218 for new service requirements, registrations, complaints, and assistance with all services.
  • You can phone 080001217 to update your directory inquiry. OSS and corporate helplines are also available at 111282828 and 1260 or 111202020.
  • By dialling 1200, you may obtain billing information from the online PTCL directory. You may also use the inquiry and directory services to dial 1217.

Finding someone’s PTCL number has always been tough. The only realistic choice is to use a search tool, which is simple to use and allows one to locate any number in the blink of an eye.


Finding a number that meets your requirements has always been a difficult challenge. The same cannot be done unless the appropriate tools and search engines are used. The main focus here will be on providing a straightforward and user-friendly approach for locating the correct PTCL number or switching providers.

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