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7 Facts About Riaz Ul Jannah In Masjid Nabawi

Riaz ul Jannah, located in the blessed grounds of Masjid Nabawi in Medina, is a cherished area for Muslims. Considered ‘Garden of Paradise’, this spot holds special significance. What makes this part of the mosque so important for worshippers?

1- What is Riaz ul Jannah?

Riaz ul Jannah refers to the area between Prophet Muhammad’s tomb and his pulpit in Masjid Nabawi. It is regarded as the ‘Garden of Paradise’.

2- Riyazul Jannah is one of the gardens of Paradise

According to hadiths, Riaz ul Jannah is one of the gardens in Jannah promised by Allah. Praying here equals a thousand prayers elsewhere.

3- Praying at Riaz ul Jannah – 1,000 times Hasanat

The Prophet recommended offering prayers in this area, promising immense heavenly rewards equivalent to a thousand prayers for it.

4- Riaz ul Jannah Dua

It is recommended to recite certain duas while praying in this blessed spot seeking blessings.

5- Rawdah green carpet area

The Rawdah refers to the green carpeted portion of Riaz ul Jannah surrounding the Prophet’s tomb.

6- How to enter Riaz ul Jannah?

Separate entries are allocated for men and women to access Riaz ul Jannah and the Rawdah through designated gates.

7- Women timing to visit Roda Rasool

Women are allowed to visit Riaz ul Jannah and Rawdah during specified time slots allotted for females only.

For Muslims, Riaz ul Jannah is one of the most sacred spots on earth. The opportunity to pray in this heavenly garden of Masjid Nabawi is a dream come true for believers worldwide.

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