Friday, September 29, 2023

8 Injured As Lahore Metro Bus Hits Fallen Rod

A jolting crash jams Lahore’s Metro bus service. Eight injured when bus collides with fallen rod, renewing concerns about the system’s safety.

A Metro bus traveling through Lahore was involved in an accident on Saturday. The collision occurred as the bus was traveling from Shahdara to Gujmtah, not far from the Janazgah station.

According to sources involved in the rescue operation, eight women were injured in the tragic incident. The injured women were transported to Mayo Hospital to receive medical treatment. The Metro bus itself was also damaged as a result of the crash.

The metro bus hit a broken iron rod that was lying across the tracks. The rod had likely fallen from the woodland area bordering the railway. Upon hitting the rod, the bus veered into the buffer zone.

This incident is reminiscent of the technical difficulties faced previously by Lahore’s massive public transportation project. When the Metro bus system was first implemented, there were concerns about maintenance issues leading to potential accidents. Saturday’s collision seems to validate those early worries.

Moving forward, transit officials need to redouble their efforts to ensure proper oversight and upkeep of the tracks, vehicles, and surrounding areas. This will help prevent future accidents and make the Metro buses safer for commuters. For now, the public’s sympathies go out to the injured passengers as they recover from this unfortunate event.

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