Wednesday, November 29, 2023

88% Pakistanis Trust Army More than Politicians, Judiciary & Media: Survey

A public opinion survey conducted in July yielded notable approval ratings and preferences in Pakistan. The military received the highest approval rating at 88 percent, followed by trust in the media and courts, both at 56 percent.

Regarding politicians, they received a general approval rating of 39 percent, parliament 47 percent, the Election Commission 42 percent, and the police 54 percent. Among individual politicians, Imran Khan had the highest approval rating at 60 percent.

In terms of the PTI government’s economic performance, it received a 64 percent approval rating. When it comes to voter preferences, PTI led with 41 percent in Punjab, 36 percent in Sindh, 69 percent in KP, and 36 percent in Balochistan.

Opinions on the military’s role in politics varied, with 32 percent favoring a significant role, 32 percent preferring some role, and 31 percent advocating for no role at all.

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