Thursday, December 7, 2023

90-year-old groom on his fifth marriage gives advice to single men

The brides have been advised to be married by the Saudi national who married five times at the age of 90.

Nasir Al Otaibi’s fifth wedding made headlines when his grandson posted a video to congratulate his grandfather on the wedding, which read, “Happy marriage to my grandfather, may this marriage bring him prosperity and children.” 

Now, a video message of Nasir Al Otaibi has been shared on Al Arabiya’s social media account, in which he can be seen advising single men. 

The eldest Saudi bride responded to the anchor’s query by saying that marriage is honorable and that a person can find satisfaction and comfort in life in the outside world.

The Saudi man claimed that getting married is a physical comfort and pleasure, and that getting married does not become impossible as one ages. He added, “I’m happy on my honeymoon.”

He further said that I have 4 children and one son has passed away, my children have also become parents now but I still want more children of my own

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