Thursday, September 21, 2023

A Country Where You Get Paid $1500 (PKR 4.6 lacs) For Sleeping

An annual competition with a modest but substantial reward of around $1500 (around PKR 4.6 lacs) is held in Spain and is eagerly anticipated by its contestants.

Participants laid on blue sofas in a crowded mall outside of Madrid; some wore pajamas, while others dressed casually. Their goal? To win a $1500 prize.  

This unusual tournament was inspired by the first-ever international sleeping contest, which took place in Spain in 2010. Their primary goal was to spread the word about how power naps can improve your health and weight loss efforts.  

This wasn’t any old competition; it was the pioneering National Siesta Championship, held in Spain to celebrate the country’s centuries-old custom of napping throughout the day.

The two-week-long competition during siesta hours has become an annual event with the goal of defending the siesta against the frantic pace of modern life.

A simple yet exciting challenge, falling asleep for 20 minutes straight is at the center of this one-of-a-kind competition.

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