Monday, May 27, 2024

A Dubai Resident “Hannah Wells” Shared a Heart Warming Recreation Photo as a Tribute for Living 30 Years in UAE

Hannah Wells, a citizen of Dubai recently recreated a heartwarming picture on social site as a tribute to her 30 years of residing in UAE.

The picture shows Hannah standing in front of the same location where she had captured a picture 30 years ago, when she arrived.

In a recreational picture, Hannah holding the old photo, which shows her as a young woman standing in the same location.

She shared the recreational picture with caption where she expressed her feelings for the UAE and how much it has meant to her over the span of time. She also thanked the residents of Dubai for warm welcoming her.

The snap circulated rapidly, as many people sharing their own stories of living in UAE and how positively it has impacted on their lives.

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