Monday, April 15, 2024

A landscaping project has been launched along the Srinagar highway by CDA

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced the launching of the landscaping project along the 25 km long Srinagar Highway on Tuesday

Reportedly, the aim of the project is to reinforce the sweetness of 1 of Islamabad’s main thoroughfares and has been initiated under the banner of the Clean and Green Pakistan program.

According to media report, the planning elements of the project entail road safety requirements, plant selection, grass types, and earthworks.

According to a written statement by the CDA’s Director Environment, the landscaping project of Srinagar Highway has been launched under the direct supervision of the Environment Directorate. The report added that a landscaping project for public parks within the residential sectors has also been started. Also the CDA informed the media that it aims to revive 150 parks within subsequent two years.

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