Monday, April 15, 2024

A special women market to be established in Islamabad

According to the news, Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad stated in a meeting with a delegation of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce, that a special, full-women market will be established in Islamabad where women can run their business and have their shops and stalls.

 The minister said that half of the population of the country comprises women and policies have been made to bring them into the mainstream. The government aims to provide women resources for their businesses and to offer the IWCCI unfiltered access to the women’s channel of business in the capital.

The minister said that loans were being given to women on a priority basis to help them expand businesses. “Further steps would be taken to facilitate businesswomen and the women chambers. He also added that separate desks will also be installed at the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) and passport offices for women.

Samina Fazeel, head of the delegation by President Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce, appreciates the efforts of Govt and expressed gratitude toward the Minister for Interior over taking steps for the welfare of women.

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