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A Three-Year-Old Child Killed a Snake By Biting it

In Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, a 3-year-old boy killed a snake by chewing it with his teeth.

According to the Times of India, this incident occurred in the Farrukhabad village of Midnapur. His worried parents placed the dead snake in a plastic bag and drove him to the hospital.

The doctors kept the child under their care for 24 hours before releasing him to go home because his condition was no longer dangerous.

Akshay, a 3-year-old boy, was playing in his backyard when his grandmother heard him screaming. When she arrived, she discovered a dead snake hanging in her grandson’s mouth.

According to the grandmother, I removed the snake from the child’s mouth and cleaned his mouth before informing the child’s parents.

They had brought the snake with them so that the doctors could easily determine whether the incident was real and whether the child would not be harmed by the snake’s bite.

Doctors determined that the snake chewed by the child was not poisonous.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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