Friday, April 19, 2024

A Ticket to space will cost $125,000

The concept of space tourism is causing quite a stir. Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, and Virgin Atlantic, founded by Richard Branson, have already announced their aspirations for space tourism. However, space travel is prohibitively expensive for practically everyone. According to a report by Digital Trends, however, a company is attempting to make it more affordable.

According to the report, Space Perspective built and tested a deluxe eight-seat manned capsule. The capsule, dubbed Spaceship Neptune, is launched into space by a massive hydrogen-filled balloon. According to the article, the capsule features a bar, reclining chairs, and house windows throughout.

There is, however, a catch. The Spaceship Neptune can only reach a height of 20 miles above the earth, which is three times that of a long-haul passenger. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic will provide zero-gravity experiences, allowing passengers to float freely within the capsule.

There is no such component in Space Perspective. It does, however, provide a long journey. The journey of Space Perspective will last six hours, compared to ten minutes for Blue Origin from launch to touchdown.

Passengers on board the opulent capsule will have two hours to ascend, two hours to enjoy the views, and two hours to return home, according to the report. Tickets for the Spaceship Neptune cost $1,25,000, while Virgin Galactic tickets cost $4,50,000.

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