Wednesday, February 21, 2024

AAA Associates Signed Agreement with Pearl Real Estate Holdings-Hashoo Group for Project Management & supervision of AAA OCTA hosting PC Hotel

An agreement has been signed between AAA Octa and Pearl Real Estate Holdings in Marriot Hotel, Islamabad. The signing was done between Chief Strategy & Development Officer of AAA Octa and CEO of AAA Builders Mr. Farooq Bashir and Chief Operating Officer Pearl Real Estate Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd-Hashoo Group Mr. Shairyar Salim.

Pearl Real Estate Holdings represents the Property Development Division of Hashoo Group and provides the Consultancy Services for Project & Construction Management for its national and international projects. According to the agreement, Pearl Real Estate Holdings will provide the Management and supervision Services for AAA Associate’s mega-project AAA OCTA hosting Pearl Continental Hotel. They will ensure the completion on time and as per international standards. The event was attended by high officials of both companies.

Chief Strategy Officer and CEO AAA Builders Mr. Farooq Bashir lauded PREH’s successful execution of hotel building projects in Mirpur, Peshawar and Multan recently. Addressing the media, he said, “Although our team is capable enough to manage AAA Octa Project but our preference was to engage a company/consulting firm which already has the experience of hospitality-related projects and we believe Pearl Real Estate Holdings (PREH) is one of them. They will bring in some synergy effect to the whole construction process. We believe Pearl Real Estate Holdings’ supervision will ensure timely completion with no or minimal changes in the design and scope of the project because of their involvement at a very initial stage of construction.”

Chief Operating Officer Pearl Real Estate Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd-Hashoo Group Mr. Shairyar Salim also addressed the media saying that “Signing an agreement marks the significant milestone in the collaboration between the two groups. The most important thing that needs to be highlighted is, it’s our mission to add value and it is something that we pride on, not only from the financial point of view but from the operational point of view as well.”

The agreement reaffirms the long-standing partnership between AAA Associates and Hashoo Group and builds on the previous agreement between AAA Associates and Hashoo Group signed in 2021. AAA Associates has delivered 9 projects so far and the journey goes on. AAA Octa is a state-of-an-art project of AAA Associates.

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