Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Abu Dhabi ‘Wizz Air’ to Operate Flights to Pakistan

The low-cost airline Wizz Air, based in Abu Dhabi, intends to extend its global network into Pakistan. This airline has been granted the go-ahead by the Pakistani government to conduct operations effectively. Now it will be more economical as well as easy to fly from the UAE to Pakistan!

According to a spokesperson for Pakistan’s Civil Aviation, all legal issues with the United Arab Emirates have been settled. As a result, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will be able to launch flights to and from Pakistan.

The representative went on to say that the government of the United Arab Emirates has not responded. However, the Pakistani government has been trying to get Wizz Air’s approval in order to help increase passenger convenience for those traveling to and from Pakistan.

Due to Pakistan’sĀ current foreign reserve problem, a number of airlines have had difficulty filling their flights. As it gets harder to repatriate funds, many airlines are considering cutting back on or reducing their flights to Pakistan.

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