Friday, April 19, 2024

According to the minister, there’ll be no forced loadshedding across the country

Hammad Azhar, the Federal Minister of Energy, announced on Friday that there has been no forced load shedding in the country for the past 12 hours. Hammad Azhar, who took to Twitter to offer details about the country’s power supply, said that 1500 megawatts of electricity were added to the national grid in the last 48 hours, with more to come.

Load shedding will occur in places where there is a significant rate of electricity theft or if there are any technical concerns, he said. “In high-theft areas, revenue-based load shedding and any infrastructure/transmission breakdown in communities may still occur.”

The minister said in a message on his official Twitter account that the port city’s sole power distributor had already received 350 MW of additional electricity and that the power supply to K-Electric from the national grid had been increased by 200 MW to relieve the citizens of Karachi of load-shedding.

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