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AGS Batteries Price In Pakistan 2023 – Best and Latest AGS Batteries to Buy

What is the Future of batteries? A common question You would have asked yourself a couple of years ago. What is the purpose of a battery? A more common question arises in one’s mind whenever we speak the word battery. Are batteries a good source of energy? Are they affordable? These are safe to use? Hold,!! We are here to help you find the best batteries available in Pakistan at very reasonable prices worth the money and won’t cost you regret.

Several automobile manufacturing companies produce excellent and affordable batteries in Pakistan, selling them at very reasonable prices with perfect engineering style and quality manufacturing material. AGS batteries are one of the best-selling batteries available in Pakistan and one of the main competitors of Osaka batteries these days. They are one of the most affordable and quality batteries available in the market for clients.

AGS batteries can be used in automobiles machines, UPS, and other electronic devices. The excellent quality material and long performing live mix AGS batteries are some of the best selling batteries in the market.

Why Use A Battery?

Batteries are used to provide energy and power during a power shortage or energy outage. Nowadays, people use batteries to store energy on a loop energy usage time and use that energy whenever they face power outages or energy shortage problems. Batteries can also store energy from the sun and wind and modify them to use when they need it.

AGS Latest Batteries

Ag’s batteries produce several quality batteries, as battery tonics, dry batteries, and tubular batteries.

AGS Battery GR46

AGS Battery GR46

AGS GR46 battery is an affordable battery with high energy storages capacity to help you with power shortage problems.


  • It is an intelligent Lead-acid battery
  • It is very light weighted
  • Manufactured by AGS BATTERIES
  • 12 volts voltage
  • 40 H AH
  • This battery has 9 number of plates
  • NS40Zl JIS standard
  • Available left and Right
  • Available in thick and thin, both poles
  • Six months warranty
  • It can be used for 800cc to 1000cc vehicles

AGS 12volts Hybrid Battery HB 46

AGS HB 46 is a 12 volts battery with a solid power supply and can be used for automobiles, UPS, and other home appliances.

AGS 12volts Hybrid Battery HB 46


  • It is a lead-based battery
  • Available in hybrid mode
  • Ampere value of thirty amperes (30 AH)
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to Handel
  • Made and manufactured in Pakistan
  • Polarity value L
  • Affordable prices
  • Low maintenance battery
  • Strong power supply
  • Nine number plates


AGS GR 70 is an innovative and affordable battery. It supplies an excellent energy source and can be used on heavy machines.



  • It can be used with 1200cc to 3000cc vehicles
  • Its ampere power is 70 Ah
  • The voltage is 12 volts
  • N40 is standard
  • Strong supply of power
  • Safe to use
  • Six months warranty
  • Made with Lead

Price In Pakistan

AGS batteries are producing a couple of batteries, Tonics and selling On a very affordable price in Pakistan. AGS batteries are Pakistan’s best-selling batteries; in the below-mentioned table, we have discussed the latest model and the cost of AGS batteries in Pakistan.

Model Price in Pakistan
AGS GR 46PKR 4,100
AGS HB 46PKR 5,530
AGS GL 48PKR 5,730
AGS GR 70PKR 5,600


AGS batteries are Pakistan’s best-selling batteries. They have an excellent power supply rate and can be used with vehicles of high CC rates. Their price In Pakistan is affordable and Handy, and one can benefit from them extensively in a power outage.

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