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Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023 – Models, Features and Specs

Toyota has launched once again another great Aqua hybrid car series. Equipped with advanced features and a luxurious interior, Toyota Aqua hybrid car is indisputably the best compact car providing an exceptionally excellent driving experience.

Toyota Aqua Hybrid car, being environment friendly, is loved by the customers for its fuel efficiency and peaceful driving experience. With a total of 5 seating capacities, a unique exterior, and various colors, it can be the best pick for you. Toyota Aqua’s price in Pakistan varies at different stores imported.

Toyota Aqua


The splendid interior is furnished with advanced features and safety assurance. It provides the most comfortable experience. Head on to the specifications for further analysis.

  • Seating capacity of 5 people.
  • Smooth Fabric covers of seats.
  • Information display screen of 3.5 inches.
  • Four stereo speakers were installed.
  • Driver and passenger seats are 4 ways power equipped.
  • Safety is ensured by a total of 9 airbags installed.
  • Steering wheel equipped with many functions.
  • Steering is rack and pinion type equipped with an electronic motor.
  • The car provides keyless entry.
  • A satellite navigation system on a 6.1-inch display is also installed.
  • Rear seats occupy the features of split-folding.
  • Accessory port installed (12 volts).
  • Defogger and air conditioners installed.
  • Cup holders are also available. Now you can enjoy your coffee or juice while driving too.
  • The interior is very spacious and comfortable.
  • The car is also equipped with a tachometer.
  • Armrest and child lock options are also installed.
  • Fuel lid and remote boot options are available.
  • The Interior is equipped with lights.
  • Optional navigation system.
Toyota Aqua Price In Pakistan


The trendy exterior gives a sports car look with stylish headlights and distinctive features. Toyota crafted this Aqua hybrid car stands unique. Some external features have also been upgraded in its latest models. Its exterior features are described below:

  • The vehicle is equipped with a total of 4 doors.
  • LED trendy headlights.
  • 1455 mm height.
  • 1695 mm width.
  • 3995 mm length.
  • Big rear bumper along with standard hatchback installed.
  • Taillights have been upgraded and redesigned invariant models.
  • The front grill is also installed in the latest models.
  • Fog lights at front installed.
  • Power windows and power mirrors installed.
Toyota Aqua Price In Pakistan


The engine and other specifications are mentioned below:

Toyota Aqua CarSpecification
Engine1496 cc DOHC and 99 BHP
Cylinders4 inline cylinders
Valves16 valves installed
GearboxAutomatic Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
Mileage37 km per liter
FuelPetrol type
Fuel systemElectric fuel injection (EFI)
Seating capacity5 people
Ground clearance140 mm
Power of engine72 hp and 4800 RPM
Base of wheel2550 mm
SteeringElectronic power
Front brakeVentilated disc
Rear brakeDrum brake
Pitch circle diameter (PCD)4 x 100 mm
WheelsWheel caps together with steel rims.
Engine Torque111 Nm @3600 RPM
Size of wheel15 inches
Front SuspensionStrut coil spring
Rear suspensionTorsion beam
Kerb weight of the car1080 Kg

Toyota Aqua Hybrid Car Top Speed

The top speed recorded is 180 Km/hour. Owing to its excellent road grip of tires and smooth driving, the Toyota aqua hybrid car is a fantastic experience to behold.

Toyota Aqua Hybrid

Toyota Aqua Variants

Toyota has launched 3 main variants of an aqua hybrid car. The three variants are:

  • Toyota aqua S
  • Aqua Toyota G
  • Toyota Aqua L
  • Aqua hybrid crossover
  • Aqua hybrid G sports / GR sports.
  • Hybrid Aqua X urban.
  • Toyota Aqua G LED and soft leather.

Toyota Aqua S Specs

The S variant is the first one in the series. The specifications and features are described above are almost the same in the S variant. The alloy wheels do not come in the S variant, and it is equipped with 6 airbags.

Toyota Aqua G Specs

The G model of the Aqua hybrid car is the latest in the series. It is equipped with the following upgrading.

  • Fog lights.
  • Alloy wheels.
  • Four airbags were installed.
  • Automatic controls of climate.
  • Start button (push).
  • Reverse cam options are also upgraded.

Toyota Aqua L Variant

L variants are also equipped with the same specs and features described above.

Toyota Aqua Fuel Capacity

The total fuel capacity of this hybrid car is 36 liters. The Toyota aqua fuel average consumption is 35.4 Km/L.


The car comes in unique variable colors. Choose your car color according to your vibe and taste.

  • Black mica color.
  • Cherry pink pearl.
  • Metallic blue color.
  • Decent yellow.
  • Orange pearl shining crystal-like color.
  • Metallic green mica color.
  • Cool mettalic soda.
  • Metallic grey color.
  • Lime white crystal pearl color.
  • White color.
  • Metallic silver color.

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan

Toyota aqua is an imported car. Hence its price varies at different stores and web pages. Toyota Aqua’s price in Pakistan in PKR 4,500,000


The article summed up all the specifications, variants, and available colors manufactured by Toyota with up-to-date features and qualities. It provides the most comfortable driving experience. The palatial interior and exterior make it noteworthy.

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