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AI Branding in 3 Simple Steps by Zoviz’s AI Logo Maker & Brand Kit Maker

Zoviz introduced its AI platform, which is capable of rapidly designing logos and branding kits, which connects a world of new creative possibilities for businesses in the branding area. Zoviz branding tools visually and Efficiently craft outstanding brands within minutes.

The AI-powered logo making tool of Zoviz works to simplify the logo selection process by serving multiple clever logo options designed by an efficient AI. The system checks the business profile, which addresses diverse needs and preferences. With a user-friendly interface, Zoviz Logotype Studio suggests customization possibilities of style, fonts, colors, icons, and shapes to get your brand identity closer to the choices. The instant download feature makes it possible to download HD output in multiple formats for the professional and outstanding design of all digital media. In a nutshell, Zoviz leads the charge in reshaping the AI branding decision phase with unmatched competency, enabling businesses to build fascinating brand identity effortlessly.

How Does Zoviz Work? 3 Steps of AI Branding

Zoviz simplifies the branding process into three easy steps:

  1. Input your Brand Name: Include basic information about your business, including your industry, company name, and slogan.
  2. Choose Your Design Preferences: Select your preferred style, color scheme, and visual elements. Zoviz’s AI engine will generate various logo options tailored to your specifications.
  3. Customize and Download Your Brand Assets: Once you’ve found a logo you love, you can customize it by adjusting fonts, layouts, and colors. Zoviz also generates a comprehensive brand kit, including social media assets, business card designs, and more.

Create a Logo

One Design Bundle for All Your Needs:

Zoviz collection has a vast assortment of files to power your logo and brand, all adapted to work efficiently on many platforms.

Logo Files:

Access even 20 logo files of high-resolution versions in black and white, color, PNG, and transparent background, guaranteeing seamless usage across all media types.

Social Media:

One-click optimized logo for all platforms with ease. Provides logo versions to customize profile & cover photos for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


Instantly choose from among ten preset templates of letterheads, and you can add an elegant look to your letters in one click.

Email Signature:

Increase your business growth with the penalty of email signature templates designed explicitly for G-mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and many others.


With Zoviz Increase your website’s visibility and complete range of favicons to establish your brand with your customers quickly and easily.

Brand Book:

The instruction “Getting Started” gives crucial information on font and color usage in your logo, which can be incorporated into the various logo files.

Why Zoviz? Consistent Branding for all

Zoviz serves a wide range of customers, including people, startups, enterprises, and freelance designers, making the branding process manageable and allowing it to be simplified anytime.

For Individuals:

Get your brand to the top with ease with Zoviz’s AI logo maker that takes care of freelancers and bloggers, especially those coming up with professional and unique logos.

For Startups:

Be a star in the buzzing startup field by using the Zoviz AI brand kit generator to create eye-catching logos and get a brand kit that stands out.

For Enterprises:

Building AI brands for multiple business units and branches become more accessible with the AI brand builder of Zoviz, who is responsible for developing consistent and high-quality logos.

For Freelance Designers:

The assistance of Zoviz’s AI logo design for freelancers will boost creativity, allowing them to generate ideas and impress clients efficiently.

Affordable Solution to Branding:

Premium Logo Kit Package



Over 30 Logo Types in All Sizes

Formats (PNG, SVG, JPG)

Suitable for Websites and Billboards

Social Media Kits

Brand stationery

Commercial Use

Lifetime License

Brand Style Guide

Commercial Rights

Technical Support

Price (One-Time Payment)


AI-Powered Brand Kit Creation

Zoviz starts the journey by encouraging businesses to maximize their brand names and respective taglines; therefore, the name and taglines are personalized with each business. Zoviz’s skilled AI does this, and creating a striking logo that is just for the business is the aspect that makes the enchantment. It is the very trademark of the brand kit, which contains the logo files, a brand book, letterheads, and other significant branding items.

Branding kit’s comprehensive collection

When the AI-powered brand kit creation process is over, businesses receive full access to the carefully prepared logos in a high-resolution format. These ready-to-use files are available in over 20 formats and will work well in black and white, color, and transparent backgrounds. The brand kit is well prepared and ready for implementation across multiple media, giving a business all the necessary components to build a solid and unified brand impression.

Smart AI-Designed Logo Suggestions

The brand’s AI tool for branding simplifies logo design, making logical thinking out of it. The system reviewing the business profile will help offer a wide range of logo ideas that satisfy different needs. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing choices and saving time for the designing class of business.

Customizable Design Elements

Zoviz Logotype Studio displays a colorful spectrum of options to freely try to edit fonts, colors, icons, and shapes. The interface can be easily controlled, and the logo can be tuned until the company finds a blend that is 100% in line with the company’s brand identity.

Instant download and High-Definition outputs

Logo creation is critical; the AI-powered Zoviz branding provides instant downloads in different formats. They can choose from various high-resolution file formats for print and electronic versions that support their brand to be built professionally and strikingly across all communication platforms.

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