Sunday, July 14, 2024

Air-Conditioned Public Washrooms Opened at Lahore Railway Station

Pakistan Railways has partnered with the private sector to introduce air-conditioned executive washrooms at Lahore Station. These new facilities are equipped with modern amenities designed to ensure comfort and hygiene for passengers.

The washrooms come with features like sanitizers, hand dryers, and geysers to provide warm water during the winter months. There are separate sections for men and women, each with seating options and diaper changing stands, making them convenient for all passengers, including families with young children.

These executive washrooms are strategically located on both sides of the station to make them easily accessible. To ensure they remain clean and pleasant to use, a dedicated cleaning staff maintains them round-the-clock.

Pakistan Railways aims to enhance passenger convenience and comfort with these new facilities. There are also plans to extend this initiative to 13 more stations across the country within the next three months.

This move reflects the commitment of Pakistan Railways to improve the overall travel experience for its passengers by providing high-quality, hygienic amenities at major train stations.

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