Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistani American Businessman Ali Sheikhani Wants to Buy’ K-Electric

Ali Sheikhani, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur living in Houston, Texas, is the chairman of the Sheikhani Group, which he founded in 2012. His business interests are diverse, including retail chains, gas stations, and shopping plazas, with a strong focus on property development and management.

Sheikhani has a new goal: to acquire K-Electric, Karachi’s main power company, to help solve the city’s ongoing electricity problems. He emphasizes that his priority is public welfare rather than making a profit.

In the past, K-Electric had suggested raising tariffs to fund improvements to their infrastructure. These improvements would include building new grid stations and transmission lines to enhance the electricity supply in Karachi. Sheikhani’s approach might offer a different solution to the city’s power issues, aiming to provide more reliable electricity to the residents of Karachi.

His commitment to public welfare and his diverse experience in managing various businesses make him a noteworthy figure in this potential acquisition, with hopes to bring positive changes to Karachi’s power sector.

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