Monday, October 2, 2023

Air Taxi Manufacturing Project to Create Over 2,000+ Jobs in UAE

A company called Odys Aviation, which specializes in air taxis, plans to build aircraft in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They will set up a manufacturing facility in the UAE to produce air taxis, with the aim of having these aircraft operational by 2027. The UAE Ministry of Economy has welcomed Odys Aviation into its NextGen Foreign Direct Investment program, which supports innovative businesses in promising sectors.

Odys Aviation focuses on developing air taxis that can take off and land vertically and use hybrid-electric technology. These aircraft are intended for regional and short-distance “air taxi” routes, serving passengers, cargo, and emergency services.

They have a fully electric range of 320 kilometers and a hybrid-electric range of over 1,200 kilometers. By using these air taxis, carbon emissions in air travel across the Gulf Cooperation Council region could be reduced by up to 76%. They also offer a zero-carbon travel option within the UAE.

This initiative will create more than 2,000 job opportunities, both directly and indirectly. It will enable the export of the first aircraft certified as “Made in the UAE.” This collaboration with Odys Aviation is a significant step toward the UAE’s goal of developing an innovative, knowledge-based economy.

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